Insights in Jamaica

Enhancing parenting and teacher care-taking by providing insights into children’s temperament to foster independence through warmth and discipline

What is insights?

INSIGHTS into Children’s Temperament (INSIGHTS) is a comprehensive intervention that includes teacher, parent, and classroom programmes. With temperament (personality) theory as its foundation, INSIGHTS provides parents and teachers with a framework for appreciating the individual differences of children. INSIGHTS assists parents and teachers with replacing negative patterns of interaction and harsh disciplinary practices with responsive ones that match a child’s temperament. The programme enhances the children’s self-regulation by strengthening their empathy and problem-solving skills.

INSIGHTS in Jamaica is housed in School of Education, University of the West Indies, under the directorship of Professor Stafford Griffith.

How does it work?

Insights is making an impact

between January 2014 - August 2016

the insights programme reached







through administering the programme in 

15 urban

4 rural

Parents say...

Less shouting, less beating …Sit down and talk to them. Learn how to approach the situation better.
... before I was buff baff baff baff and so … basically it just help you with your temper because as parents the first thing you do is shout.

Teachers say...

The child might sound rude but then again it’s just the child’s temperament. It might not be rude and so on, it’s just that child, so we as adults we must just learn to deal with it...
Personally, I used to outburst and run them to them seat and everything. I look at things so different now, the way I treat them and what I say to them.